Cities are growing rapidly, yet every day we pass through the same paths watching cities designed few years ago often irrelevant to our current needs. Today we wish to empower people to participate in planning public areas by introducing REsquare, a public square we invented.

REsquare is a complex recreational system consisting of four smart based platforms with connectors ready to install various equipment. We let people reshape the square by using dedicated voting application.

You can vote for one of the available functionalities. The equipment with the most votes will be installed by the REsquare crew and frequency depending on the cities’ budgets. This is how you can enjoy the REsquare that fits you best. If you come up with different ideas you can submit them for the next REsquare. If you collect enough votes REsquare may introduce a new functionality.

For the system to be more sustainable equipment will be changed between different locations of REsquare.

The project was invented by three-people team consisting of: Marek Domaniuk, Piotr Grudzień and Anna Sierhej. The project took part in the  VINCI 2017 Innovation Students Awards competition and was graded as TOP3 in “International Region” category. 

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