This project was invented with a view to progressing information flow among the academic society. In order to achieve that, our team created a platform that gathers users’ experiences and information they share. The platform is based on the Windows Azure service. It was created by: Grzegorz Gębczyński,Kacper Skawiński i Maria Sokołowska.

Plethora of messy information, poor data organisation or lacking of intuitional browsers make it difficult to find something that would truly fits our needs. As a result we lose the opportunity to attend cultural and scientific events we would be probably really keen on. We asked students from variety of universities to share their opinion on that issue and it turned out that the information flow is a problem occuring on regular basis.

There are no boundaries or closed professors’ doors when it comes to our platform. If you have come up with an interesting idea or you organise some kind of scientific event you will be more than welcome to share it on our platform, regardless of who you are and what you do. The service gathers information about scientific and cultural events and their localisation. Our time and knowledge are the most valuable here so next time you will search for an event we will try to make it fast and simple.

Interfaculty Student Association “Smart City”

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