According to WHO report more than two million people die yearly due to the air pollution. In order to decrease the amount of polluted air and improve its quality there are preventive actions to be implemented such as transport strategy and adjusted spatial planning. More and more interim items are being developed to improve the quality of inhaled air such as masks for cyclists and filters.

These are examples of trend that is in favour of health. cocoNET prevents contaminants  from getting into the room while ventilating. The idea of cocoNET resulted from long discussions and an attempt to create a solution that would improve quality of the inhaled air and would be easy to use for everyone.

Our cocoNET project was awarded among 98 different projects  in Best Student Project category in the Design Challenge IV organised by Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute and Autodesk. We invite you to visit the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute website.

cocoNET got to TOP 8 Imagine Cup 2017 – Smart City.
Bożena Deka, Katarzyna Deperas, Dominika Grylak, Kacper Skawiński.
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