“Would you like to know how many wheels does the longest bus have? Or maybe how fast is the tram in Warsaw? How many cars (or rather their users) would fit into public transport? What’s going to happen when everyone in the city uses public transport? Come and get to know answers for questions that bothers you!” – this is how we advertise our workshops for children.

During numerous meetings we have been trying to make the society aware that the ideology of Smart City has already developed among cities. We are willing to open up to more and more people so that we could explain our interests and our strongest drives. In order to be sure that the topic is well understood by children, we picked up the vividest example of Smart City which is public transport. Our team, consists of Aleksander Kobiałka, Kamil Martyniuk-Sienkiewicz and Adrian Tomicki, believes that children are the most valuable in this matter. There is a short lecture to be held and a workshop with a play which is supposed to boost children’s imagination.

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