What bothers members of Smart City Association the most is the ecological aspect of projects. That’s why MECO had been invented.

MECO is a modular eco-friendly cookware. With its multifunctional system it ensures safety both of consumer and the environment as only high quality recyclable materials are used. It is designed to be easily disassemble, thus more compact and replaceable. Every module is made only from one material what makes it easy to digest the products in reutilization cycle.

MECO was a short-term project invented for the Cradle to Cradle Design Challenge competition enabling the team consisting of Monika Wysoczańska, Wojtek Łęcki, Kacper Skawiński and Jacek Walasek better networking and integration.

Thanks to an intense project night, team members got to know each other better, and the work resulted in the creation of a set with this sonorous name … ooo MECO! Unfortunately, the project was not awarded in the competition but was appreciated by other members of the student circle and won the first prize in inside circle presentations contest.

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