If you want to keep up with everything that is happening in the smart city industry, be sure to follow #smartcasual! This is a weekly overview of information from the world of smart cities, including curiosities and news from Poland and abroad. It is published on our fanpage (almost) every Sunday. We provide readers with knowledge in the field of modern information technologies used in smart cities, automatics and electronics, electromobility, sustainable construction, modern architecture and well-considered spatial planning.

Our articles are also enriched by socio-economic analyzes that fit into the concept of smart
living. We check how the largest urban centers are managed and how the authorities develop
the city in terms of infrastructure and social growth. We are looking for the answer to the
question how to give the city economic success. From time to time, we also describe the main
concepts and ideas that make up smart city development in the world. Thanks to the wide
range of issues covered, we include our overviews of the whole theme of smart cities.

By sharing examples of innovative solutions and promoting good practices in the field of city
management, we want to expand the social awareness of the residents and provide everyone
with inspiration for further activities. We believe that bottom-up initiatives are able to improve
the functioning of even large urban centers whereas efficient communication with local
government authorities allows the implementation of even the craziest ideas.

Project coordinator: Julia Kuna

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